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Another way of asking a person for their number. Based on the holla holla holla guy from dave chappelle's show.

Explanation of phrase: when one asks for another persons number they usually say it by "can i have your number?" or "I see that fine bootay of yo's, holla with them digits at meh why dontchya?" The reason we say "mathematics" is because a number is theoretically math, hence the term can i have yo mathematics?
Nala: Hey Simba... you look hawt!
Simba: say gurl, lemme holla holla holla atchya. can I have yo mathematics?

Aash: Dayummmnnnn look at calaia's bootayyyy!
Shivani: wa wa wee wah I WANT!
*both yell at calaia* say gurl! can i have yo mathematics?!?!??
by Asswhole_with_a_dubya January 31, 2011
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