When someone is smokin the blunt for a long time without passing.
Damn son you campin on the l pass that shit.
by saintlike October 07, 2009
Top Definition
Synonym for "Intense"
Dayummm, Josh, Arshaq, and David are pretty damn campin'!
by Campin'Cat December 06, 2009
Its when a bro is always staying at your house, like all the time, sometimes even when you ain't home.
Dude is always at your house, that nigga be campin.
by mason, crosby, and loyd March 04, 2009
sittting around with a bowl or a blunt too high to pass it but not hitting it.
Nichole: you dood you campin' with that or whaa?
Maria: awee shii. yeah dude my bad.
(passes it)
by Nikki_notorious March 01, 2011
The act of pitching a tent as you wait for your chance to have sex with one of numerous girl's.
Last night at the bar I went campin', too bad the girl never showed.
by Rob March 27, 2005
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