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Male masturbation where the penis is placed between the palms of the hands, and the hands are rubbed together over the penis like they are being warmed in a campfire.
As Johnny was warming his hands at the campfire, he realized he couldn't wait to get to his tent to try it on his dick.
by Battery 37 January 22, 2011
8 9
When two or more people get together and share stories on authentic experiences.
In the same act of telling stories around a campfire, any story told to another person can be considered a campfire session.
by RunderscoreS March 31, 2013
5 0
A witty name for a homosexual. EG- A burning pile of sticks.
EG- A flaming faggot.
You's a campfire.
by dixondixondix January 01, 2013
2 1
when one slowly rips a bong to where the herbs just ember for a while.
"Dude, Stainer, you totally camp fired that 3 footer!!
by jonfredric1 September 15, 2011
1 4
A stripper that sets themselves on fire before or after they strip in order to get more attention from the audience they are entertaining; may or may not be in the middle of a furniture circle.
Look at that hoe, trying to be a campfire.
by Leonard Shelby March 07, 2011
4 7
When a group of people shower together
"Oh silly Logan, were you, Haley, and Tess doing a campfire again?"
by Tweet tweettt August 16, 2011
2 7
a collective group of two or more handbags placed in the middle of a nightclub dance floor, as girls dance in a ceremonially fashion around them
look at those girls over there, shakin it about that well stoked campfire
by eightyate July 11, 2011
4 9