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A neighborhood in Pikesville in Baltimore County, Maryland. It's in 21207, not 21208 or 21209, giving many an excuse to say "That's NOT Pikesville." Literally the wrong side of the tracks. The census says it is part of Lochearn, but the real Lochearn didn't allow Jews to buy houses when it was built.

Campfield Gardens was one of the few mixed Jewish-Christian suburbs in Baltimore County. It became more Jewish and more working class after it was built in the 1950s, then mostly African-American in the 1970s.

People who didn't live in other parts of Pikesville thought it was a great neighborhood. If you tell someone now you are from there, and you lived there before 1975, they will say "Oh, when it was nice. " That is a not-so-thinly-veiled racist reference.

If you know Malvina Reynold's song about houses made of ticky-tacky,that's Campfield Gardens.
Campfield Gardens? Isn't that Lochearn? You live in Campfield Gardens? That's why your shoes are Thom McAn, not real Bass Weejuns.
by teacher's kid January 13, 2011
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