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1. a collection of extremly hott guys who are still cool enough to go to summer camp and be teased about it
2. where all the guys sail all day long
3.a place where its ok to go to meals without your shoes, but still have your shirt tucked in
4.were the formal atire consits of rainbow flip-flops, a popped pink collared shirt, a pair of the signiture seagull shorts, and a pair of croakies
5.where its cool to dance to beach music in a place called "The Cage"
6.where all the guys dream a girl named suzie seafarer and getting a knot in their swimband
seafarer girl 1- "who's that sexy guy in the boat?"(see Camp Seafarer

seafarer girl 2- " oh he goes to camp seagull"
by ssnash419 February 14, 2005
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the hottest prepiest boys on the east coast
girl 1: Who is that really hot preppy guy?
girl 2: Oh hes a Sea Gull guy of course
by mandy smith December 12, 2004
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Camp Sea Gull is home to the hottest, funniest, and dorkiest southern boys ever! they're the only boys in the world who wear belts and collared shirts to the mess hall, without shoes! they sing us Camp Seafarer girls lullabys everytime they visit.

every girl in the WORLD needs a johnny
Sea Gull Boy 1: i met the hottest girl at the dance..shes in cabin 28, and she asked for sea gull shorts! I think it means something!
Sea Gull Boy 2: you should get her a bracelet Long Cruise!!
Sea Gull Boy 1: great idea!
by LAURA<3 April 13, 2005
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A phrase meaning, "something preppy and hot."
Kelly: "Seth Cohen's picture on the OC Season 1 DVD is really preppy and hot."
Jessica: "Yeah it's like wicked Camp Sea Gull"
by Henry January 12, 2005
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The hottest southern boys in the entire world. All week, they walk around the camp working hard and earning ranks, also in anticipation of going to the "cage" for a dance at their sister camp,Camp Seafarer.
These Guys:
1) Are known for their popped collars,Sea Gull Belts,and Rainbows
2)High Achievers
3)Good Sailors
4)Amazing Dancers
5)Sweet 'n Southern
6)Used to getting piles of mail from random Seafarer cabins
7)Really hott
Sea Gull Guy 1: So, dude, dance Saturday.
Sea Gull Guy 2: Yeah man Ive been practicing my shagging moves..
by SeafarerChick1234 March 05, 2005
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28510 is where it's at. The best camp ever. Girls camp, Camp Seafarer. Camp Sea Gull has the hottest, preppiest boys on the East Coast. Best place in the world.

Best known for;
.lacoste shirts with popped collars
.seagull belt
.knot in swimband
.having at least one pair of rainbows
.being excellent sailors
.sending letters with cologne sprayed
.dancing in the cage to southern music
.trading shorts with seafarer girls on the pier
.being hot and preppy
.never taking off sunglasses, croakies
Sea Gull boy: Hey do you want to dance to this great southern music?

Seafarer girl: Yes of course!


Sea Gull boy: Will you be my Susie?

Seafarer girl: Yeah! Will you be my Johnny?

*ties knot in swimband*
by Harper March 08, 2005
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