Home of the C4T!!! (Camp 4 Tribe)-Hottest girls ALIVE. Which is ALSO the home of Cabin 40 TRIBAL CHERRIES whoot whoot!

Yeeeee-es! (cille voice)..And as always..Mahalo.
Sea Gull Guy1: ...More letters from Cabin 40. Something about a cornball from some chicks named Olivia and Stephanie.
Sea Gull Guy2:Oh but dude..cabin 40's got the hottest girls ever.And remember when Olivia and Steph showed us all those hott dance moves at the mixer?

Jasmine (sleeptalking): I dont wan't no strawberries or no baby peaches..I want me some CHERRIES.

*We are are the Tribal Cherries not peaches, not apples, or strawberries..we set our goals really really high..C-40, we love, our Sea Gull guys. STOP it's mating call time-OOOOOOOO. ZEUS! Huh!
by SecondSessionTribalWoman March 05, 2005
THE BEST CAMP EVER! I am going to miss Ceal soo much xoxo all my Seafarer ladys
seagull boy:will you be my Suzie Seafarer
Seafarer girl: YES
10 years later...
seagull boy:will you merry me
Seafarer girl:YESSS
by seafarer chick January 26, 2005
The home of the hottest girls on the planet! the brother camp, has the hottest boys on the planet. the motoboating and sailing there is intense! this camp is my 2nd home. i love it to death. the best days of all are the saturdays. On Saturdays you get to take cruises to the oppisite camp and then there are the dances/ mixers. its amazing.
Camp Seafarer is heaven on earth
by Seafarer793 May 08, 2007
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