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A camp for jews and non jews alike, run by the JCC where the head of camp can scream at the high counselors, but they dont notice because SUPRISE SUPRISE! their high. and the CIT's think their the shit, even though they are disliked. most campers are wieners and snotty. you can always go to the dock where the boat man creeps on girls about twenty years younger. but thank goodness there is the boat house, where one can light a cig, when it gets too hard, or hook up when the stress of the day cant get worse. oh camp shalom. you suck ass. the bugs are terrible. the condition of the camp is terrible. where the motto is "oh well i'd get off my fat ass and help, but i dont really care". this is the camp for lazy hot men and women who can kiss major ass. many work at this camp to slack off, smoke, drink, hook up, and get paid for it. although you think the "random drug testing" that is threatened every year would stop these people, the testing is never done, and so every counselor is just about half baked. the typical counselor does all this and more: smoke, drink, fuck, hook up, snort, inject, slack off, leave, and soo much more.
John: Where is my co-counselor Joe?
Kate: He's in the boat house in the lower camp of camp shalom smoking or hooking up.
by efferdent84 May 21, 2010
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