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A fun place where many people gather and meet new friends. At Camp Floradan many people make new friends and keep them for the rest of their life. Camp Floradan is a summer camp where there are many activities. Camp Floradan is a great camp!
summer camp- Camp Floradan
by cfgv January 26, 2011
A great place to meet new friends and have a great time! The pool is pretty gross but it's still a great camp! You get paid to be a counselor, but you don't have to pay to go unless you're a camper!
Person 1: "So have you heard about Camp Floradan?"
Person 2: "Hell yeah! It's the best camp ever!"
Person 1: "Should I work there this year?"
Person 2: "Fuck yeah you get PAID!"
Person 1: "I bet it's a lot too!"
Person 2: "Idk brooo, go check it out!"
by suckahugecock April 16, 2011