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THE best all-girl's camp. Nothing compares. Blue/Gray is life. Staff are obsessions. Friend crushes were invented here. The friends you make are like sisters. And we all know the only way to eat peppermint patties is with peanut butter.
It's not a way by which you spend your summer. It's a way by which you live.
Girl #1: So where are you going to camp?
Ghany Girl: Camp Alleghany!
Girl #1: Whoa you are so lucky! That is the best camp ever
by GhanyGurl November 21, 2009
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Camp Alleghany is a camp perfect for girls located in the scenic Lewisburg West Virgninia. Its perfect for girls with the intials RP. Everyone enjoys Camp Alleghany since there is something for everyone. Between color war (blue vs. gray), evening activity, classes, and free times, the fun never ends!
Girl #1 Camp Alleghany has something for everyone! I love it!

Girl #2 Oh I agree! What classes did you take?

Girl #1 Canoeing, Rifle, Arts and Crafts, and Drama. You?

Girl #2 Archery, Tennis, Dance, and Fitness. I can't wait to go back next year!
by Mhm... July 18, 2010
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