a hot, brunette, hazel (almost brown)eyed, amazing smile, and great bodied girl. she's athletic and smart and should be a model because she's all around gorgeous. she has THE whole package.
camille is a the perfect image of a goddess.
by """""""""""""""" June 16, 2009
fonest freak in the whole world!!!!! SEX GODDESS everyone loves her to death and wishes they could get with her
"damn i want to bang camille so bad she is sexy as hell" =]
by aaron lowencamp December 06, 2008
a very beautiful girl. she is exteremely funny and has tonnes of friends that will pound your face in if you hurt her. although she is a short brunette she is very strong. everyone wants her
person 1: hey look at that girl over there, shes a total Camille

person 2: I want her already
person 1: hey look at that hot chick, she must be a camille I think Im gonna ask her out

person 2: alright, but shes my best friend. if you hurt her Ill pound your face in
by carebearninjas April 15, 2010
a very sensitive, loving, brave, intelligent, supportive person. when you have a friend like her make sure to understand her and listen because her words might brighten up your day. listen to her advise and understand her
i am glad to have a friend like camille
by Dia Maeanne February 14, 2015
a beautiful girl who's sweet enough to wake up at 4am and sing you a song. bipolar at times. falls asleep fast upon lying down the bed. gorgeous (with or without braces), pretty, can sing well. hates balloons, loves flowers. edward loves this girl.
Camille, wake up at 4am and sing me a song. <demanding tone>
by callmechins February 11, 2010
Very weird unusual girl, that all the guys find sexy as hell. Either really tall or really short, with blonde hair. She's got that booty that all guys want to tap. She's very athletic and very hardcore.
Tim: "Shit, did you see that girls ass?"
Tom: "Hell yeah, must have been a Camille."
by Hawler April 23, 2011
a tall, beautiful girl who is athletic, and has a great sense of humour. not to mention SHE'S GOT A DONK
camille is the best player on our team, her natural athleticism is unbelievable

guy 1:"daaaaamn look at that girl"
guy 2:"hey i know her!!!! shes so cool her name is camille"
by juugggotahandle June 04, 2011

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