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She's a girl with an ass bigger and shinier than LA's Head all girls r jelly bc they want it you'll see people requesting her fine ass in plastic surgeries soon and yea she's 1/5 of Fifth Harmony
1: Do you like Camila Cabello ?

1: *Talks to herself* I want Camila's ass so badly ugh
by Harmonigga March 09, 2013
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Former member of Fifth Harmony who decided she was too good for the group so she pulled a Beyonce and left.
Just like Beyonce did, Camila Cabello thinks she is better than all the other girls in her group.
by Icy Wyte December 29, 2016
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Ex member of fifth harmony, a fucking snake, and even though she's a huge snake you still like her.

love/hate relationship, but she's still a fucking snake, i hate her, but she's a little puppy. but i hate her for being a fucking snake.
-do you know whose camila cabello?
-oh yeah. the snake that left the best girl group on earth, remember what happened when she was a solo artist? she got eliminated.
by just another potato February 01, 2017
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