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A city in southwest New Jersey by the Delaware river across from Philadelphia. Rated the most dangerous city in the United States in 2004 and has maintained its rating for two years so far. Camden is the foremost recognizable name of Jersey's worst ghettos (Out of Newark, Patterson, and regions of New Brunswick).

Camden is the most unlikely place to locate the Tweeter Center, a state aquarium, few corporate headquaters, and a Rutgers campus of the state university. Well maybe the Rutgers campus isn't a surprise (Rutgers has its own STD).

Outer ring of suburbs are okay, but the center is a real shithole. Its actually overlooked as the best place to buy rufus. The former mayor, Milton Milan, was infamous for his connection to organized crime. In 2001 he was sentenced for seven years for on 14 counts of corruption that include accepting mob payoffs and concealing a $65,00 loan from a drug boss.

Population is approximately 80,000 mainly black and the rest are asians that fit the description of chigger or white people (which there are not many of) living in fear.
Camden is known as the stronghold for the Democratic Party. Ironically, about only 19% of the voting age participates in elections.

Demographics (of 2000 census):
53.35% black
16.84% white (that is probably an old stat or some made up number that some politician created to hide the fact that there is really only 8 white people there and that mofasa runs the streets)
.54% Native American (running gambling tents)
2.45% Asian (this is probably a little higher)
38.82% Hispanic or Latino (the 3rd highest for puerto rican heritage)
22.83% others not white

**Also known for poverty
Average income is $23,000 for males and $21,000 for females
Average family income $24,000
per capita income for city is below $10,000
35% of families below the poverty line.

Bottom Line for all this crap:
If your white, don't be caught in camden, especially after dark, without a friggin shotgun and a large posse. Otherwise buy lots of rufus or join the mofia.
"I remember Camden, what a shit hole, you see me there again you know I fucked up bad."
by Vox Nerduli July 18, 2006
80 51
Located across the Delawere River from Philadelphia, in South New Jersey; Camden was rated the most dangerous city in the United States circa 2004. There are more crimes committed per square mile than any other city in the U.S. Camden is poverish African American community and largely filled with ghetto row-homes that are barely standing.
Don't be in Camden past dark, you will get merc'd for your kicks.
by Get down or Lay down August 10, 2005
695 248
A city where you can buy any drug you want on pretty much every corner. The most dangerous city in the country it has been rated as for the past 2 years now. There is no reason to be there unless you are buying a gun or buying drugs. You have no business being there if you are white unless you are a cop or some crazy a** m'fer. Never go there at night. Only thing there is the tweeter center where some concerts are held but i'd still watch my back if i went. Don't ever go there unless ur trying to buy a gun or some drugs...even then u got some balls drivin in there with anything more than a beat ass honda civic with no hub caps and half the paint peeling off with dents in the door. Never stare at people there...bad idea.
Camden is on some real hood shit.
by blahblahblah7575 May 18, 2006
584 191
The new version of compton
Yo this is how we roll in camden
by G-unit March 13, 2005
426 190
Area and administative district of north London. Best place in Britain, full of ace pubs, clubs etc and market stalls selling drug-related products.
Tube announcer: "The Northern Line is experiencing delays due to a large cloud of cannabis smoke drifting down into Camden Town station and getting all the staff stoned"
by oracle March 12, 2004
356 211
The girl that gets a Camden is extremely lucky. When he cares about someone, he goes all in. He has a very wild heart and won't want to settle down unless he feels that you're worth it and he thinks things through well so if he doesn't think he's ready he also won't for your sake.

A Camden is also very intelligent; his mind is very complex.

He might play the guitar, and he might have a really sexy deep voice. He's charming with the ladies and will win your heart easily, but he really does prefer casual relationships so don't get too attached.

He isn't quick to trust, so when you gain his trust it's a real accomplishment. He will always be there for you, cuz he's a true friend.

A Camden is very rare indeed. He will make you smile with his sarcasm, and he will never fail at making you feel alright no matter what kind of day you're having.

A Camden is anything but needy. He can take care of himself, and doesn't need to talk to a ton of people to feel complete. He has a few close friends and that's all he needs.
You should go talk to Camden.
by The lucky friend of a Camden July 24, 2011
172 63
Camden is a city across the Delaware River from Philadelphia. This is one of America's most economically depressed cities. Economic development has been restricted to the waterfront with sites such as Tweeter Center and State Aquarium. But interior Camden is ghetto.
Camden is at the foot of the Ben Franklin Bridge.
by Nutmegger February 13, 2004
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a city next to philly in south jersey were u wiil get shot like the dude in new york did 50 times fo your new air jordans
i took a trip from newark to camden......... i got my ass directly back to newark.
by T.H.N.I.C. April 01, 2007
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