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Camden NY is a sleepy hillbilly town, where people can turn on you at the drop of a hat.

2,000 approx. pop. in the middle of nowhere Central New York Rust Belt community. It was farm that became a town - nuff said. You explain that.

The poorly cared for victorian houses are now being sold left and right, because everyone and his brother is a drug dealer in that town, and crime is everywhere. Don't let the "Queen Village" misnomer fool you - that was way back in 1982. Now it's a central trading town in the drug trade between there and Canada. Not as bad as Sylvan Beach but almost.

Don't go to Camden High School - 2nd largest area in the state school district-wise, but 85 percentile if that. Most students aren't passing even. Cam-Dumb it's called.
I just moved to Camden, NY

by SEAP February 17, 2012

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