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(n) An act of savagery or brusqueness. A physical attack.
If you don't stop making fun of me, I will go cambodian on your ass!
by xshinex August 10, 2006
The act of sucking on foreign breasts while in a public area such as in a bar, car, club or at a party. Finger banging may occur but not a part of this act. Types of women include hot Russians, Indians, Spanish(Spain), Italian and Asian(Rare Large Breasted). Not keeping in contact or exchanging information is standard for this act.
Guy 1: Bro where were you 10 minutes ago?

Guy 2: I was getting some Fuckin' Cambodian in the kitchen with Ogla.

Guy 1: Nice I love Foreign Bitches!
by 00punisher August 27, 2008
An ethnic race of Asian descent that parallels African American. Those that resides in America are mostly undereducated. They generally form cohort, often gangs or rather "wannabe gangsters". Their appearance often mirrors that of African Americans in that they are dark skinned, traditionally believed to be a result of concentrated melanin in skin cells, but research have concluded that it was mainly a cause of bad hygiene. And similar to their African counterparts, they wear gold chain and jewelries that serve as tool to reveal their wealth. However experts believe that this type of behavior is counterproductive to their intent, since Cambodians have a tendency to purchase fake or cheap jewelries, and as a result, are ridiculed for wearing "cheap brands" - mainly by other ethnic groups, most notedly the Hmong community. Aside from their social status and appearances, Cambodians display diffulties assimilating with other ethnic group. Presented in a crowd, Cambodians will will use jargons and words from their own language so that "outsiders" will not understand. When commented, or asked to please speak English, Cambodians will become highly offensive, often taunting or shouting inaudible words, similar to baboons and occasionally threatens any person or persons who they believe are patronizing them. Threats varies from bodily harm to unobscure sounds. Some examples are "watch yo bak cuz","i`ll get mah crip on yo ass","map pi chu chu" or "oooaahh ahhh ahh".
I am Cambodian.

My friend is Cambodian.

My monkey is Cambodian.
by Agolf Hitter October 20, 2007