A nickname to someone named cameron or cam. There are names that canned be ended with bo such as... preferably with "m" on the end.
Jimbo Sambo Timbo and so one
by Cameron J. March 25, 2005
Top Definition
Cambo is NOT an offensive term for Cambodian, it is just a short term for calling someone who is Cambodian.
I am Cambo Fresh.
by FlyAway February 26, 2012
Word Used to Describe dry, shitty, Cambodian marijuana.
Idiot: "Yo I just picked up some OG Kush"

Me: "No you didn't that just looks like some dry ass cambo..."

Me: "How much did you spend"

Idiot: "$80 for an quarter"

Me: "Idiot..."
by SmokeCrackBlunts June 13, 2010
Cambo is NOT an offensive term for Cambodians. It is just a short term for someone who is Cambodian.
I want that CamboFresh t-shirt from www.cambofresh.com
by FlyAway March 02, 2012
Offensive term for Cambodians or Khmers. Just like how Jap is offensive to Japanese and Paki is offensive to Pakistani.
You stupid CAMBO!
by Khmer March 05, 2004
1. short for cambodian bong.

2.a marijauna pipe, usually made from a two liter bottle with it's bottom cut off. the bottle is submerged in water, cap with a bowl is then attached . as the bottle is slowly removed from the water, the space with in the bottle fills with dense smoke. this smoke is promptly inhaled, by removing the cap and and re-submurging the bottle. Note, mouth must be places over bottle opening for smoke to be inhaled) known to cause coughing fits.
I just took two cambo hits and man am I wasted.
by goat October 16, 2003
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