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A disease that originated in Orange County California back in the last quarter of 1983. It's when Caucasian males entered this world and were missing certain chromosomes that cause a person to be heterosexual. Odd thing about this disease is the fascination with male reproductive organs from people of African decent. This disease has been under scientific study for quite some time now. It has been discovered that ingesting body fluids that are secreted from the reproductive organ is what causes people with this rare disease to become aroused. As of now there is no cure for this illness due to the fact that patients refuse treatment. It is clear that they are happy with their disease, and society needs to accept them.
Guy#1 "hey dog, check out that fool with the knee pads on. What's his deal?" Guy#2 "Oh that's the neighborhood toy. He has Camasta syndrome." Guy#1 "So your saying I don't have to worry about him taking any of the girls?" Guy#2 "Of course not!!!! Unless the girl turns black and grows a dick!!"
#syndrome #interracial #secretion #fetish #bodily fluid
by Callitlikeitis February 24, 2013
I disease where middle aged males have an obsession with other races ejaculating all over them.
We had our way with a guy last night. He had Camasta syndrome. When we were done his face looked like a glazed donut.
#fetish #money shot #facial #ejaculate #interracial
by Truth8537 February 23, 2013
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