Discontinued piece of shit thats still not faster than an 03-04 SVT Cobra. Sorry.
"Did you see that Camaro?"
"Not really, we kinda blew him the fuck away."
by TheLateJC May 30, 2005
the ught most badass car in the world for its price. engineered to defeat all fords an imports that where to much of a waste to try for a corvette. 4 generations have been offered of those 4 the 4th gen despite what people say is the most badass an powerful with engine options to much the corvette. a six speed trainy was offered in the 93s an up with lt1 and lt4 motor options you could also get ls1 but lt4s where better.
Camaro: hay theres a ricer obviously he s not stupid enough to race me
Ricer: Dude lets wope on that camaro
Camaro: should we go nah give ehm a second
Ricer: dude we just stomped ahh
Camaro:probaly thought he beat me for a second there
Ricer: Dam it thats another loss to another american made V8 dam it cold air freaking work
by Kmaroman March 20, 2008
A car mainly used for tranporting humans, however sometimes are used to lose against mustangs, particularly cobras, and are a total waste of time.

An over rated vehicle used to try to make the balls of a Camaro owner seem bigger, however, truly has the adverse effect.

A tool used to figure out if you're mustang is slow or not.
Ex:I beat that LS1 over there, so at least I know my car's not slow.

A car which has the prime objective of getting shit on by Ford Mustang's, including the GT, Mach 1, my Cobra, and even my 88 LX 5.0.
That kid's driving a Camaro? FAG

What kind of car does Silva drive? A Camaro. FAG

What kind of Chevy is to only noble one of the bunch? CAVALIER
by Break Neck April 05, 2005
The car that will beat a corvette, if it is between at 67-81, (first or second generation), todays vette's are the old camaro's. A car that will beat your peice of shit mustang or you pussy ass 4 cyclinder rice burner. The camaro is known for is sheer style and ellegance. Any real man would take a camaro over pretty much any car on the earth, espically a first generation '67-'69, the best years of the camaro were its firet and last. It is a shame to the automobile business that the camaro no longer exists. Its because of the fuckin gas conscience japs that the muscle car's like the camaro no longer exist.
Mustang Owner: Wanna race for slips bitch?
Camaro Owner: Hahaha, sure, when I win I could use your mustang for a daily driver, but it’s not safe since fords are so unreliable...
by SFdickie49 December 25, 2004
Made to compete and beat the Mustang.... and suceeded by car lengths. Made to race in the Trans Am Racing Series and won again.

1/4 comes in a quick 13.0 with the all aluminum 1998+ 5.7L LS1 monster powerplant stock from factory. LS1 is the basic powerplant for the LS6 (z06) motor.

100% torque, rice killing, tire melting, import destroyer, "best bang for the buck" bad boy of American V8 Muscle along with its cousin car, the Pontiac Firebird/Trans Am.

2007 Camaro, it will be there :)
1998 Z28 .3.42 six speed manual transmission = 300 RWHP baseline
by Andrew A December 03, 2003
The car that looks like a blurr when you blast by it in a mustang.
Friend: what the hell was that?
Me: that was just a slow-ass camaro.
by TJ January 15, 2005
Like I said before manbitch the car needs surgical repair interior and exterior wise. need some q-tips? buy some and while you're at it clean your clogged shitpipe asswipe. Beat ANY ricer shit U say? HA NOT likely. As for terms why dont U go look up what V-tech means "Mr.Enviromental Friendly". Or is it FUCKTARDDDDDD??????? *gasp* *chuckle* my friendddddd
1.hey fucktard camaro wanna race?!?!?!
2.fucktard : hell yeah "ricer"!!!!!
1.say HELLO to my big brother ACURA NSX shitbrain!!!!!!!!!
2.fucktard : *chokes on his dirtay emission smoke*
3.mercedes ripppsssss passss fucktard in 1.3 seconds flat
4.the end
by SGT.PLOW February 02, 2008
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