1. (1966-2002 models) A decent looking muscle car for rednecks too poor to afford a nice import or Corvette. Teenagers in these cars generally think they're so badass because they're driving a "Camaro" until they get smoked by a real sports car.

2. (2010 model) A really nice looking Chevrolet muscle car with a base of 304 hp with a V6 engine. This car can be rivaled with Ford's Mustang ponycar.

Tyler: "Dude, did you see Kristina in her 2002 Camaro convertible today? She thinks she's so badass cause she's driving it even though it's a sorry piece of s*** trailer trash. Stupid redneck. It's sad when you can't afford a nice car even as a senior in high school."

Kyle: "Yeah, she probably thinks she can beat everyone in a race even though it barely has any horsepower compared to our Corvette and Mercedes-Benz SL500. I want to race her just so I can show her that her car is a worthless junkyard scrap car that was about to get demolished before she bought it for $2000."

Tyler: "Well, I guess it's not our fault that she's poor and can't afford nice cars like us. Our families are pretty well off compared to most of the other people in our school. But still it's a piece of s*** and she shouldn't be so proud of having a car like that."

Brittany: "Wow! Did you see Max's new Camaro? It's soo cool! I think I'll trade my Mustang in to get a Camaro!"

Rachel: "Yeah, it looks way better than that stupid Mustang of yours. It's also faster too"
by Shadow294578 May 28, 2009
One of the most beautiful pony cars ever made, it was always true to the original formula and sadly was discontinued in 2002 after 4 generations of some of the greatest cars the world has ever seen.
My Camaro will out corner any stupid little hot hatch.

My Camaro is the coolest car in town.
by camaro kid September 03, 2003
The car that, in 1967, got Ford off its a$$ to start serving up some real power in the mustang, which was, prior to the introduction of the Camaro, marketed as a cute cuddly secretaries' car. Ford finally got its sh*t together and turned the Mustang into an eternal icon of power and aftermarket tunability, thus ironically pushing the Camaro/Firebird into early extinction. LT1/LS1 f-bodies were bada$$ but should've had true dual exhaust and better rear ends!
Camaro owner: I may have 8 million horse at the rear wheels w/o FI but nothin' sounds like the true duals of a mustang...and they're easier to toss around a track, unlike my f-body which feels like I'm driving a garage door with wheels on it...plus my weak 7.625 rear end has already been rebuilt 18 times, and the first nine were when my car was still pushing factory hp/tq
by s197richie July 05, 2007
I car that is considered a pony car by many. It was always faster then a stock mustang but it didn't madder as no body seemed to care because the mustang outsold the camaro and firebird combined 3 to 1. There really not bad vehicles but most people think of them as being really tacky and low rent. They can be had for very cheap and made to be silly fast but there is really no market for them because most people will go for a Mustang because of it's American Icon status.
driving the mustang made me feel youthful while the camaro made me feel downright juvenile.
by Drew0101 May 17, 2007
1. a car that is only good in first and second generations, after that they are useless
2. a car that should be brought back in 2005
3. sexy hunk of steel (only applying to 1st and 2nd gen.)
the northstar's 75 camaro is followed by cops to albertsons bc she likes to play speed bump with pedestrians.
by "the northstar" February 22, 2003
One of the most beautiful cars ever to exist on this big rock called Earth, especially the newer version of the Chevy Camaro. See beautiful.
Lame dude- darrr... Do you want to go with me?
Shawn- If you love me, you'll get me a Camaro; a convertible with a CD changer in the trunk and tinted windows and...
Lame guy- *runs off 'cause he's broke*
Shawn- Whatever..
by Shawn B. April 17, 2003
A Ricer kicking car. The 1969 1st generations are slick.
My civic raced a Camaro and a kid on a trike. The Camaro came in 1st, the Kid on the bike 2nd and I came in dead last because I suck and I am a big ricer who puts a spoiler on my FWD Civic
by Anonymous October 27, 2003
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