The car that will beat a corvette, if it is between at 67-81, (first or second generation), todays vette's are the old camaro's. A car that will beat your peice of shit mustang or you pussy ass 4 cyclinder rice burner. The camaro is known for is sheer style and ellegance. Any real man would take a camaro over pretty much any car on the earth, espically a first generation '67-'69, the best years of the camaro were its firet and last. It is a shame to the automobile business that the camaro no longer exists. Its because of the fuckin gas conscience japs that the muscle car's like the camaro no longer exist.
Mustang Owner: Wanna race for slips bitch?
Camaro Owner: Hahaha, sure, when I win I could use your mustang for a daily driver, but it’s not safe since fords are so unreliable...
by SFdickie49 December 25, 2004
1968 Camaro is the most beautiful car that can be imagined other than a 1967; First car designed by Chevrolet using a wind-tunnel; usually referred to as a car driven by rednecks; usually referred to as a car owned by a guy with an inferioriy complex due to being small in stature or to having a small penis.
BMWGirl1- "Hey guy, I bet you have a dick the size of China-man's."

CamaroGuy1- Thinks to himself as he smiles and waves to Girl1: "Poor girl..."

Girlfriend of Guy1- Choking on the Camaro driver's 10-inch cock as she stretches her bare ass across the console she mumbles: "That bitch doesn't know what she is missing".
by melsie February 15, 2010
A really shitty, ugly, sad excuse for a car that can get beat in a race by any stock M3. O yeah!
Dick: "my camaro is the shit!"
M3 pimp: "Oh, really? can it pull 0.91 g on the skidpad and 0-60 in 5.5 seconds?"
Dick: "shit, now i have to sell my car and buy myself something that isnt a piece of shit"
by pwned739 May 26, 2005
Cheap speed. Pure and simple. Known to toast cars 4 times its price.

List of generations best to worst:
1. 1st gen: 'nuff siad
2. 3rd gen: Sure, plenty of people associate these with mullets and dumb rednecks, but the tuning potential of these cars is endless, and they're reliable as all get out, and they do look perfect for an '80s car. (aka IROC)
3. 4th gen: Not as cool looking as the third gen, the 4th gen (especially 1998 and up) really knocked performance out of the park. The LS1 is one of the greatest motors ever built
4. 2nd gen: After a real good looking 1970-72, the 2nd gen got ugly. And slow. But they still go fast for pretty cheap.
5. 5th gen: too heavy, too concept-y looking, too expensive
Can A Mustang Actually Race One?

Dude, that's one fast Camaro...
by camman67 February 05, 2010
1)GM's shittiest attempt at a sports car ever.

2)Car discontinued in 2002, due the decline in sales from the largest buying groups- rednecks and G dawgs.

3) Girl version of a Trans AM, the other mullet-mobile.
1)That guy has a camaro, he must have a mullet and a three inch penis.
by Bob December 15, 2002
The car that just passed your piece of crap Ford which is probably a Mustang. Go figure. Like the Firebird is seen only by the blur of tail lights.
Were you actually racing that Mustang? Your Camaro killed it!
by The Goldenphoenix September 24, 2003
a car that is RS really slow or SS super slow or Z28 zipped the quater mile in 28 seconds damn i could run it in that
that camaro was slow as shit i ran faster than it did
by camaros suck ass March 02, 2003
A small, vicious, animal that eats Mustangs.
Hey Joe, check out my Mustang. It burns up the quarter mile.

Yeah that's cause my Camaro's about to eat it for breakfast.
by Cap'n Luke January 09, 2011

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