The car that will beat a corvette, if it is between at 67-81, (first or second generation), todays vette's are the old camaro's. A car that will beat your peice of shit mustang or you pussy ass 4 cyclinder rice burner. The camaro is known for is sheer style and ellegance. Any real man would take a camaro over pretty much any car on the earth, espically a first generation '67-'69, the best years of the camaro were its firet and last. It is a shame to the automobile business that the camaro no longer exists. Its because of the fuckin gas conscience japs that the muscle car's like the camaro no longer exist.
Mustang Owner: Wanna race for slips bitch?
Camaro Owner: Hahaha, sure, when I win I could use your mustang for a daily driver, but it’s not safe since fords are so unreliable...
by SFdickie49 December 25, 2004
An over-rated muscle car, commonly beefed up by people with little money
Was that a Camaro you just stomped on the quarter mile in your Opel GT?
by DeatToSmoochie April 12, 2006
A vicious little beasts that eats Mustangs
the new 2010 Camaro
by EsotericAxiom October 08, 2009
The official transportation of self-respecting guidos all over the Eastern seaboard.
"Yo Dom, lemme borrow your Camaro tonight, I've been tryin to bang this broad for a month now and I was thinkin of taking her down the shore in your IROC-Z."
by dmartino March 03, 2009
An iconic American Muscle car put into production for the '67 model year.
Most commonly fouth generation Camaros have the very potent small block 350.
Although Camaros in the late 60's came with engines up to 427 c.i. and some even rocked the richter scale with over 550 HP. STOCK.
Lets see that outta anything that costs less than 8 grand back in 69.
First and fourth generation Camaros are loved by all.
Second generation, people wondered "WTF is Chevy thinking."
Third generation, now that's were people associate the Camaro with rednecks
by Harry McCokner October 12, 2008
One of the last truely cool cars, especially the 2010's. Destroyer of jap crap.
I want a 2010 Camaro so fuckin bad
by beerman91 October 17, 2009
A car often associated with white trash, but its first gen line is rarely associated with white trash as it eats mustangs and rice rockets all day/night long, yet cannot be parked in a shitty trailer driveway. First gen camaros are usually only owned by people over 40 with receding hairlines and a slight death wish. Chevolet defined the camaro as "a small vicious animal that eats mustangs"
Cop 1:Holy shit was that red blur a camaro?!?
Cop 2: Hell if I know, it pegged my radar!

Ricer:revs weedeater at streetlight FaAART!
Camaro: (pulls cutout lever) glug glug glug glug VROOOOOOOM,tires squeal, car is noweher to be found
Ricer: I need a bigger spoiler and more NOS stickers.
by Kenny_McCormic May 20, 2008
no camaro motor has more than 60k miles on it.. if that
12 seconds in the eight? are you serious? I hope that was a typo
by supratt July 05, 2003

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