The car that will beat a corvette, if it is between at 67-81, (first or second generation), todays vette's are the old camaro's. A car that will beat your peice of shit mustang or you pussy ass 4 cyclinder rice burner. The camaro is known for is sheer style and ellegance. Any real man would take a camaro over pretty much any car on the earth, espically a first generation '67-'69, the best years of the camaro were its firet and last. It is a shame to the automobile business that the camaro no longer exists. Its because of the fuckin gas conscience japs that the muscle car's like the camaro no longer exist.
Mustang Owner: Wanna race for slips bitch?
Camaro Owner: Hahaha, sure, when I win I could use your mustang for a daily driver, but it’s not safe since fords are so unreliable...
by SFdickie49 December 25, 2004
A car which exemplifies poor taste and lack of a higher education on the owner's part while nevertheless offering excellent straight-line performance and pretty decent grip (if not handling). The equivalent of a girl you'd hit from behind with a paper bag over her head.
Bitchin' Camaro, bitchin' Camaro, drivin' through your yard...
by hondamatic March 02, 2004
It's a Long ass Boat
by wil August 13, 2003
A great muscle car, which is sadly no longer produced by Chevrolet.
My Z28 Camaro can beat your Vet.

Camaros are better than those hyped up rice rockets.
by vv March 09, 2004
A mythical beast in history that eats mustangs.
My camaro will eat your mustang for breakfast.
by IAlreadyHadThat December 29, 2008
First off, let me state that it is CamAro, not CamEro.

The Camaro, first introduced to the American people in 1966, is either seen as the American Muscle Car, or the mullet head driven rust bucket. There are 4 different body styles: the 1st generation, from 1966 to 1969; the 2nd generation, from 1970 to 1982; the 3rd generation, from 1982 to 1992; the 4th generation, from 1992 to 2002. When you say Camaro, most people think of the 3rd generations (1982-1992) which where mainly driven by nearly broke rednecks with mullets. They have given a bad image for all the other Camaros out there. Most people overlook the V6 F-Body just because it's not the powerhouse it's bigger brother is. Yet, a stock 3.8L Camaro can walk all over a stock 3.8L Mustang all day. A stock 3.8 can even hang with, and possibly beat, Mustang GT's. Generally, Mustang owners and ricers talk down on the Camaro, only because they're afraid of it. They shiver when one pulls up beside them at a light and don't dare allow eye contact.

In 2002, GM ceased production of the F-Body. This was due to declining sales of this marvelous car, even though it can romp on all the others out there. However, in 2007 GM announced they will be re-instating the Camaro in 2009. However, it won't be a F-Body.
I have a 1997 3.8L v6 Camaro w/ Magnaflow exhaust and 90K miles on all stock parts. my friend has a BRAND NEW (as in 2007) Mustang 3.8L V6. When we raced, he was 4 cars behind me by the time I hit 90. He claimed I jumped early, so we lined them back up. This time, I let him launch first. As soon as I heard him hit the gas, I floored mine. He still ended up 4 cars behind me.
by RadRacer513 July 26, 2007
The six letters that ricers and mustang drivers see out their front windshield as they get their asses handed to them yet again in a street race
Damn! I got beat by a Camaro again! I better talk some trash about that guy being a mullet head or something so I can save some face!
by Rick August 08, 2003
cars for rednecks with mullets or young pricks who think a stock camaro will beat just about any import out there.

yea fucking right. stop being ignorant.
heyyy nice camaro. sorry about your dick you asswipe.
by 546456456 December 06, 2006

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