The car that will beat a corvette, if it is between at 67-81, (first or second generation), todays vette's are the old camaro's. A car that will beat your peice of shit mustang or you pussy ass 4 cyclinder rice burner. The camaro is known for is sheer style and ellegance. Any real man would take a camaro over pretty much any car on the earth, espically a first generation '67-'69, the best years of the camaro were its firet and last. It is a shame to the automobile business that the camaro no longer exists. Its because of the fuckin gas conscience japs that the muscle car's like the camaro no longer exist.
Mustang Owner: Wanna race for slips bitch?
Camaro Owner: Hahaha, sure, when I win I could use your mustang for a daily driver, but it’s not safe since fords are so unreliable...
by SFdickie49 December 25, 2004
Renegade car from the US which pretty much owns 99% of the other cars on the road while giving the other 1%, the exotics a run for their money.

Seen many times along with its cousin the Trans am.
Ricers worst nightmare is to stop next to this at a stoplight.
Skyline to the right, supra the the left.. the Camaro and Trans am in the middle... dump the clutch and LS1s grunt out over 800 pound feet of road wrinkling torque spinning the extra wide rear tires crazy... the skyline and supra rocket ahead but when the V8s regain their composure and begin to do what they are built for the Turbo six cylinders dont stand a chance... 5 seconds in to the race the drivers see disappearing rear lights
by UKlovesCamaro June 28, 2005
A sweet ride. Often red.
Hey, check out that sweet camaro!
by Matt February 16, 2005
Can Anhialate Most Anything Rejects Own
Honda: Man your camaro is slow!
Camaro: I wish I only had a 4 banger.
Honda: Wanna race on the highway.
Typical convo between ricers and domestic drivers.
by s1043 September 09, 2004

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