A car often associated with white trash, but its first gen line is rarely associated with white trash as it eats mustangs and rice rockets all day/night long, yet cannot be parked in a shitty trailer driveway. First gen camaros are usually only owned by people over 40 with receding hairlines and a slight death wish. Chevolet defined the camaro as "a small vicious animal that eats mustangs"
Cop 1:Holy shit was that red blur a camaro?!?
Cop 2: Hell if I know, it pegged my radar!

Ricer:revs weedeater at streetlight FaAART!
Camaro: (pulls cutout lever) glug glug glug glug VROOOOOOOM,tires squeal, car is noweher to be found
Ricer: I need a bigger spoiler and more NOS stickers.
by Kenny_McCormic May 20, 2008
Final stage of a white trash starter kit, after moving into a stylish trailer park and growing the infamous norfolk neckwarmer(also known as a mullet). Many believe this vehicle is best colored in a gray primer, topped off with off road tires and window louvers. Known in the eighties and early nineties to have somewhere near the a whopping 175 horsepower and quarter mile times just under twenty seconds. due to the popularity of these older models production has stopped to help the poor be able to own something rare, aside from vhs copies of dale the movie.
nuttin looke sweeter than my z28 cept maybe my sister.
who the hell needs a pickup truck when ya got off roads on your camaro.
by masterraceinouterspace November 16, 2007
A device or mode of transportation used while courting your sister, mother or any other immediate family member with a vagina. Usually has to be traded in for a shabby pickup truck once the young-uns start coming.
I knocked up my sister in my camaro.
by s0x0r September 03, 2005
A common site of human reproduction.
Camaro owner: Hey baby, want to see the new upholstery on my Camaro?
Oblivious Girl: Sure.
by elpatro February 28, 2009
A beautiful piece of machinery which unfortunately (and mistakenly) is associated with red-necked, mullet wearing sissies. In reality, it has offered fast, affordable, and reliable transportation to many hundreds of thousands over several decades. Many often hate the Camaro because they fear its superior performance and intimidating exhaust note (V8 model only). 3rd gen IROC Camaros are known to have clocked 220 thousand miles before requiring a rebuild, at the same time exhibiting only a miniscule amount of the compression loss often associated with higher milage engines.
My 88 IROC convertible still kicks the shit out of all those rice-rockets, and I even beat a 98 Mustang GT! It's been beaten, but it's certainly no slouch for a 15 year old car!! :D
by frieze August 12, 2003
A haircut prevalant among American musclecar drivers. Hair is trimmed high and tight on top and side of the head with medium to very long hair "out back". Usually but not always found on men. See also: Mullet
"Hey 'cuz, your Camaro is looking mighty fine." said Jethro,
Joe-boy replied, "Thanks, sis just gave me a trim."
by Browski April 25, 2006
Can Annihilate Mustangs and Rice Owners
Camaros own. Ricers and Mustang Drivers can kiss my SS
by Mullet-o July 15, 2008
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