A car often associated with white trash, but its first gen line is rarely associated with white trash as it eats mustangs and rice rockets all day/night long, yet cannot be parked in a shitty trailer driveway. First gen camaros are usually only owned by people over 40 with receding hairlines and a slight death wish. Chevolet defined the camaro as "a small vicious animal that eats mustangs"
Cop 1:Holy shit was that red blur a camaro?!?
Cop 2: Hell if I know, it pegged my radar!

Ricer:revs weedeater at streetlight FaAART!
Camaro: (pulls cutout lever) glug glug glug glug VROOOOOOOM,tires squeal, car is noweher to be found
Ricer: I need a bigger spoiler and more NOS stickers.
by Kenny_McCormic May 20, 2008
Renegade car from the US which pretty much owns 99% of the other cars on the road while giving the other 1%, the exotics a run for their money.

Seen many times along with its cousin the Trans am.
Ricers worst nightmare is to stop next to this at a stoplight.
Skyline to the right, supra the the left.. the Camaro and Trans am in the middle... dump the clutch and LS1s grunt out over 800 pound feet of road wrinkling torque spinning the extra wide rear tires crazy... the skyline and supra rocket ahead but when the V8s regain their composure and begin to do what they are built for the Turbo six cylinders dont stand a chance... 5 seconds in to the race the drivers see disappearing rear lights
by UKlovesCamaro June 28, 2005
A sweet ride. Often red.
Hey, check out that sweet camaro!
by Matt February 16, 2005
Can Anhialate Most Anything Rejects Own
Honda: Man your camaro is slow!
Camaro: I wish I only had a 4 banger.
Honda: Wanna race on the highway.
Typical convo between ricers and domestic drivers.
by s1043 September 09, 2004

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