The lowest form of gaming that's still considered gaming.

Call of duty is literally the same game with a new map every single year. Don't believe me? Call of duty 3's crash screen reads and I quote "call of duty 2 has crashed"

The fanbase was originally alright but then children with parents who don't give a shit ruined it for everyone, forever.

If you play call of duty and nothing else you are essentially the scum of the gaming community.

If you believe call of duty is better then any game out there, not every, any of the other games out there then you are lower then the scum

The entire series is now being milked dry by greedy developers and is honestly not worth playing in any way shape or form in it's current state.
Scum: Call of duty is the shit, everything else sucks :P
Real gamer: Dude, call of duty has sucked since game 3
real gamer: Yeah because portal is actually fun and actually a game.
Real gamer: *Blocked*
by Blarny August 08, 2012
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An amazing way to keep your virginity
Girl: Hey, you wanna come over?

Guy: Nah im playing call of duty
by TheGreatestManThatEverLived March 13, 2010
the reason why many guys are still single
vanessa: "hey john would you like to go out on a date?"
john: "no. im too busy playing call of duty."
vanessa: "fucking low life"
by poison77 May 23, 2010
FPS game.

Same shit. Different year.
I miss those times when a sequel in Call of Duty wasn't the same over-used garbage from 2007.
by raexe December 22, 2011
A shooter game full of lag server bullshit, campers, noobs, noobtubers, 360 fanboys, spammers, little kids, and hackers. Join a match and you spawn and you already get killed by a chopper gunner killing everybody in the same spawn point. You steal someone's care package and later you receive a message by the "owner of the care package" cursing you out calling you a faggot because there was a gunship inside it. You also spawn and you get killed by a random tomahawk, and then you hear people screaming and getting orgasms over the mic because of how "epic that was". You slam your console and start going super saiyan in your room and next day you go on youtube and there you are on the featured video of "Epic Tomahawk Kill across the map". Next day you play search and destroy and while you are defusing the bomb 3-3 tied and suddenly you get knifed. You and everyone else look at the ending killcam and you are getting teabagged and raped and then knifed. You kick your console and it shuts down and you turn super saiyan 9000.
*Player gets noobtubed*
Player: What the f*ck man?! I hate noobtube campers! Ima kick your ass you f*cking cheater. Ima no scope your ass so you feel embarrased you fag!
*Player turns around a corner and no scopes and misses in front of his face and then he gets knifed*
Player:.............................i quit this sh*t. Call of duty is garbage! I swear this game is garbage!
by EpicKnight February 21, 2011
A game that used to be good, but then everyone in the world got it and ruined it
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 was good for the first month, but then the noob invsasion of christmas 2009 came and blew it
by myironlung215 April 09, 2011
Also called Grenade of Grenade. A shitty, broken piece of coding bought by people who haven't played any better games in their lives. Playing this is somewhat comparable to playing Desert Bus, it's unentertaining and boring, however, it lacks the realism Desert Bus has, making the latter a better game by default.
Person 1: Call of Duty is so good!!!!!1

At this point, Person 2, or any passing bystander should shoot Person 1 because it's evident they are retarded.
by stiffshifter July 24, 2010
What was once a solid FPS has since become the most overrated video game franchise ever. Activision is just riding off of the massive success from Call of Duty 4 and has been selling virtually the same game ever since. For those of you that don't know, CoD 4 came out in 2007.

However, it is the mindless kids' fault that the CoD series is where it is at today, since they will buy anything with the Call of Duty logo on it.

As a result, the CoD franchise is beginning to suffer the same fate as the Guitar Hero series, meaning that it is losing it's luster due to the fact that a new game is released every single year. It is only a matter of time before the CoD series dies out.
Call of Duty is the Guitar Hero of FPS. Activision just can't stop milking that cash cow.
by zuawg January 01, 2012

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