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A term coined to describe the recent trend of games and formerly respected gaming series' to be dumbed down to appeal to the larger, absent minded CoD base. Symptoms include short, repetitive gameplay, linear levels, simple controls and an average gamer age of 12. Recent examples include Ace Combat: Assault Horizon and (soon to be) Mass Effect 3.
"The new Ace Combat game has a serious case of Call of Duty syndrome"
by genericname October 14, 2011
A period in which you shouldn't go out in public after playing Call of Duty. Amount of time depends on time played. Symptoms can be hiding or trying to look for an RPG as you see a plane, confusing it for a Harrier Strike. Meeleeing someone when you see them running towards you. And many others.
Guy 1: Look man, a plane!


Guy 3: Chill out man, you just have Call of Duty Syndrome.
by the-informant96 February 01, 2010
A state of mind similar to Tourette's Syndrome often experienced by the lifeless 10-year olds who play Call of Duty. Symptoms include, but are not limited to:
- Mood swings
- Shouting random crap
- Violent outbursts
- Unpredictable behavior
- Anxiety
- Rapid heartbeat
- Irritability
Things that cause Call of Duty Syndrome to flare up are:
- Meeting a German
- Planes
- Helicopters
- CoD haters
- Meeting a Russian
- Being approached from behind
- Fresh Air
- Sounds
- Existance
- Everything not mentioned here
by InvisibleWater June 30, 2012
Similar to Tourette's Syndrome, Call of Duty Syndrome causes irritability, nervous tics, and outbursts of swear words. This usually happens when someone gets killed repeatedly in Modern Warfare 2.

Dan: Dude, turn the Xbox off. Your Call of Duty Syndrome is flaring up again.
by CaddyDan March 28, 2010
Mental state in which a person instantly and/or violently reacts to any sound or action similar to something experienced in CoD. Side effects include anxiety, rapid heartbeat, fast-paced breathing, and the desire to find a good hiding spot.
*Guy is waling down the hall with his buddy*

Guy 1: Meh, english class blows.

Guy 2: +1 on that.

*someone runs around the corner*

Guy 1: WTFOMGBBQPIZZA!!!! *jumps backward and pretends to ADS*

Guy 2: Bad case of Call of Duty Syndrome
by AL_PS3 March 04, 2011
Let's first break it down.
Call Of Duty:a popular video game
Call Of Duty (aka: Cod) is a game that, when played too much, can cause this syndrome. It's easy to spot someone with Call Of Duty Syndrome. And gamer who constantly gets frustrated at a video game because of, lag, an over powered weapon, poor game mechanics, yet never their own fault that they are doing poorly in the game. They also blame modding, and hacking and even if they like the hand they will say it's a terrible game because their doing poor. They also blame their team, however a bad team is a common frustration in gamers with and without cod syndrome.

Call Of Duty causes this because it often has lag, over powered weapons, and poor mechanics etc. so players tend to blame these things and use it as an excuse for doing poorly in any game.

People with Call Of Duty Syndrome often think they are good at every game because trick shotting, an unfortunate fate of cod, raises gamer ego even though it's purely luck getting a 360 ladder jump silent shot YY or some bullshit. Excuse my language, though if your looking this up your probably used to this language.
Gamer 1 (with symdrome): wow what an asshole using an overpowered weapon man I swear this game sucks!
Gamer 2 (without syndrome): You've played too much cod lately, you've got Call Of Duty Syndrome, you should stop playing it for a while.
by Gamerking July 06, 2014
The Call of Duty syndrome is a serious disease caused by the Call of Duty series(A game series developed by some homophobic homosexuals somewhere). It's a state of delusionary paranoid outbursts. The species CoDtard are most vulnerable to the disease.
A few good examples of events that can trigger an outburst:
-An airplane flying by
-A person sprinting towards the person with the syndrome
-Meeting a Russian
-Meeting a German
-Hearing a loud noise
These events can lead to extremely violent behavior from the person with the Call of Duty Syndrome.
by A real human April 07, 2010

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