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Call of drunky is a drinking game involving Call of Duty 4. It is played best with a mixed drink, but beer works as well. The rules are simple. For every 3 deaths one gets, a drink must be taken. If a UAV (3 kill streak) is achieved, one must drink. For an airstrike (5 kill streak) two drinks must be had. For a helicopter (7 kill streak) three drinks must be had. If one is lucky enough to get a 10 kill streak, everything left in the cup should be chugged. Also, if one is killed by, or kills with, a headshot, noob tube, claymore, C4, RPG, knife, grenade, direct impact, or a team kill, a drink is required. It is best played with six people who are all also playing this game. It is designed so that no matter if you are doing good or bad, you will get fucked up.
Dude I just got a UAV, airstrike, helicopter and two headshots! I have to take 8 sips! Agh, I'm so fucked up from Call of Drunky 4.
by Thurkagord February 27, 2009
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