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The act of fucking a woman from behind. Then blowing your load onto her shoulder blade to ensure she cannot wipe it off. After drying you peel the dried cum from her shoulder blade and feed to her.
She thought my California Sun Chips were too salty!!
by mikemarine23 September 07, 2008
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A california sunchip is the dried up remains after one ejaculates on another's back.
Kyle ate a california sunchip, that queer.
by Randall Burns September 08, 2007
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While having sex, you knock out your partner and cum on her back. Wait till morning, then peel it off and make her eat it.
Oh yea!
crackle crackle, eat this.
ok... munch munch munch, "EWW"
-California Sun Chip
by mr.funnybones April 04, 2010
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While having sex, the male pulls out and ejaculates on the females back. She then proceeds to lay in the sun until it dries, then peels, eats, an enjoys.
Hey girl, you want some Doritos?
No thanks, just ate some California Sunchips
by Kademus February 09, 2015
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