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A bankrupt state where folks can be classified into five groups: 1) the faggots, 2) the whores, 3) the assholes, 4) the bastards, 5) the junkies.
- Ray how come you came back from California?

- I didn't belong there.

- Are you a racist though?

- No, I just call them as I see them.
by Peter Sniff Jr October 05, 2012
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I know you've seen the ads- your travel agent or that university recruiter has filled your head with images of beaches, palm trees, forests and a night life that's second to none. You need to ask yourself one question: why would they put so much effort into creating that image? Do you know of any other state that is so heavily marketed as a place you should go other than California?

Thought so.

The culture here is defined by belligerence, ignorance, narcissism, and apathy. If you ever leave the big cities, be prepared to be surrounded by inbred, racist/sexist, psycho-christian hillbillies. You heard me right- there are massive amounts of trailer trash hicks everywhere you go, they've just become good at hiding it.

And while you're stuck on the 10, 101, 215, 91, or the 60 Freeways with a raised up Bro-truck tailgating you all the way to work, surrounded by industry, warehouses, smog, boarded up buildings, graffiti, and strip malls, you will attempt to replace what you are actually seeing with what you *thought* you should be seeing.

California is a LIE. It's a dreamworld that doesn't exist. Oh, and trying to find a job here is next to impossible. Right now, we have the highest unemployment. Same thing with teen pregnancy rates.

Yeah, I'm some asshole on the internet, but I'd give anything to save another person out there who reads this the time, toil, trouble, and inevitable misery that will come from believing the "California Dream".
Palm trees and beaches? My apartment got broken into 3 times, that pot-bellied, white, middle-aged douchebag broke a window on my car because i asked him to quiet down in the theatre, and I now have lung cancer from the smog.

Thanks California!
by Ihateithere October 24, 2009
38 31
a state that will break apart & sink in the ocean not too long from now.
hey did you hear about california? it sunk!

hahaa. good thing i live in michigan. bitchesss.
by beautyyyy9 July 28, 2009
23 16
West side state, Sunny, Home of san diego, LA, the bay,etc. Hyphy was created in the bay, i believe. State on the west side. Most in n outs in the west side usa. In n out was also created in california, I think.
California is a nice state
by Akio. December 27, 2008
22 15
State that claims to have happy cows, but is actually lying. Thinks it makes better cheese than Wisconsin.
Dairy Industry: "Happy cows come from California!"

Wisconsin Farmer: "Bullshit."
by darkbluerabbit October 09, 2006
106 99
The absolute best place to live or visit hands down. Has LA, San Fransisco, San Diego, Pasadena, and many other great cities. Most populated state for a reason. Has more money than any other state and would in fact be the world's fifth largest economy if it were to break off from the US. Best beaches and surf besides hawaii. (Florida is considered the kiddie pool) Some of the best mountains and snow in the US as well. Best weather year long. Only state where you can drive for an hour from the beach and be in snow. Has the best looking people and sets the trends world wide. Most diverse state par none. Amazing foods from all cultures. Hot people, great parties, tons of fun, its the best. Basically kick any and every other states ass.
enough said california kicks ass
by cali kid 909 July 10, 2008
29 24
Only state in the union that's more satisfied with itself than Texas, Virginia, and all of the New England States combined.
person A: I'm from California, LOVE ME!!!!
person B: Why are you patting yourself on the back?
by hoboace November 13, 2007
62 57
California is to the United States as Italy is to Europe.

Both have the following features:
- completely dysfunctional government
- too much debt
- declining economy
- endemic corruption
- beautiful landscapes and coastlines
- agriculture: olives, wine, citrus fruits, cheese, tomatoes
- natives feel it is important to look good
- natives drive like maniacs in heavy traffic but somehow avoid running into each other
- too many illegal immigrants
- rich people with mansions on a cliff overlooking the ocean
- earthquakes and volcanoes
- nice weather, hot in the summer, rain in the winter
- skiing in the mountains
- swarmed by tourists in the summer
- foodies
- Western movies are filmed there
Video: good looking guy or gal with a tan, wearing sunglasses and a very nice shirt, talking on cell phone while driving, says "Ciao", hangs up, changes lanes abruptly. They drive through a run down suburb populated mostly by olive-skinned people with black hair. They drive towards the mountains. The sunlight is dazzling. The landscape is hilly and dry. The car is a BMW 3-series.

Observer A: that must be Italy
Observer B: no, the buildings are new. It is California.
by scoobiedoohoopdiedoodle July 09, 2012
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