Sweat pastry that has the power to bring people together
John: "Hey, today's Bill's birthday."
Bob: "Eh I hate that guy."
John: "There's cake in the break room."
Bob: "I should probably stop by and say hello.
by martyre April 10, 2007
Being burned alive at a party in front of a jeering audience for informing on a criminal inside a pantomime cake
N00b- What a Great Party!
party goer- You didn't see the cake they had there?
N00b- What do you mean? I don't like cake
party goer- Just dont inform on these criminals or you'll be burned alive inside a cake at a party too
by Undead April 10, 2007
Someone who is really easy to WTFPWN.
Omg I one shot your nub ass, cake.
by MrCake February 03, 2007
The code word of going all the way with somone or haveing sex.
She has eaten cake with him like 7 times.
by tess September 07, 2005
Rubbish. Taken from Brass Eye, where Cake is a new legal drug, and several celebrities (including Bernard \"It\'s a fookin\' digrace\" Manning) complain about how awful Cake is.
Yeah I heard that song. It\'s fucking Cake.
by Hazel Figurine April 26, 2005
an abundance of money, currency
Yo, this kid is makin cake at his new job.
I just cashed my check and i'm cakin'.
by Mac February 19, 2005
cocaine and ketemine
when you mix the two drugs... cocaine and ketamine... you get this batter ...
by Jason February 02, 2005
1. A band. An awesome one at that. With amazing songs such as Never There, The Distance, Short Skirt Long Jacket, Frank Sinatra and many more.

2. A delicious pastry.
1. Cake is one of my most favourite bands. My favourite song by them is Frank Sinatra.

2. Cake is tasty!
by Tim Gaertener October 03, 2010

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