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Caitlin is an Irish derived name for happy or joyous and pure. She is fair skinned and lighter haired; she has the hair color everyone tries to die their hair to look like. She is extremely naturally gifted, and when combined with her will to succeed and make something if herself she is unstoppable, like a landslide sermon motion once she has her mind set. She is the friendliest person you will ever meet who truly cares how you are doing when she asks, and has many dimensions to her personality that make her as compatible as a fox. She has a lot of experience in life even at a young age, and is as people smart as Lincoln and could most definitely keep people together in the midst of a civil war. She should be on her own 5$ bill. She will light up your world and have a huge impact on your life. If you find a caitlin don't ever let her go.
Some coworker: I am having a horrible day and no one will lend me money!
Caitlin: ohmygoodness imnso sorry here I will. ( then a distraction occurs purposely) So have been to Saudi Arabia ornindia? I will tell u they have such an impact on ur life...........( and she finds some way to cheer even the noisiest people up:)
by Sherlocktheallobservant June 25, 2013
Caitlin is a beautiful person but is insecure
she is bubbly and fun
she likes play basketball and go horseriding
she is great friend and any guy would be lucky to have her
girl; i love caitlins hair!
girl 2: did you know its dyed?
girl: really? its so pretty and natural!
girl 2: ikr?
by indigosky June 17, 2013
A blonde haired girl who likes music and is fun to be around
You know that singer? She's a Caitlin
by justcauseYOLO January 10, 2013
Usually a girl who likes to change her hair style and has an outgoing personality.

She tries her best to be a good person but people irritate her easily. Other than that she is fun to be around but can be awkward at times.
Caitlin usually likes a man named Alex.
She is awkwardly cute. Usually with a unique smile beautiful eyes and is a "thick" girl. Not usually skinny because skinny is so 90s.
A Caitlin likes to take on challenges and face her problems without anyone standing in the way.

She loves children even though they can be annoying. Other than that she is wonderful
She fights for what she believes in even if she is wrong. She stands up for her friends and doesn't let anyone put harm to the people she cares about.

Caitlins are also a little goofy and acts spazzy without noticing.
She is also a klutz.

Still a fun person.
Man1: "Woah who is that cute klutzy girl??"
Man2: "that would be a Caitlin"
Man1: "Oh man, I'd like one of those!"
by ZombieGal93 November 27, 2013
Caitlin is an irish gaelic name. Generally Caitlins are very fashionable in the "hipster" trends. They always have large groups of friends and never try to steal anyones spotlight. They are always very artistic, witty, and full of life. Caitlins are usually tall with hauntingly blue eyes, and deep brown chestnut colour hair. Many Caitlins are always their to comfort friends and anyone and they always want to help.
"That girl she's really cool and i love her clothes."
"Yeah that's Caitlin she's pretty cool."
"look at that girls eyes. They are so blue they remind of moonlight on a lake."
"oh she's definitely a Caitlin
by HisSandyBlondeHairAnd November 06, 2013
A really sexy girl who is soooo nice!! Brunette, blue eyes, cute smile, tall, and has a skinny body. She shows the good in everyone. Is adventureous, crazy, sweet, funny and always a chocoholic. You can trust any secrets with her! She will probably be in the next Hollywood premier or a singing show!
Guy 1: Is that Caitlin?
Guy 2: Ya, she's so hot!
by CD <3 December 07, 2013
Caitlin a girl that usually has brown hair and is irish and is just an all around amazeing girl and can be commonly found with a guy named Ethan because guys named ethan are usually more awesome than the general population.
caitlin is awesome and hes awesome so there perfectly awesome :)
by derp64 February 19, 2013