Caitlin is an Irish derived name for happy or joyous and pure. She is fair skinned and lighter haired; she has the hair color everyone tries to die their hair to look like. She is extremely naturally gifted, and when combined with her will to succeed and make something if herself she is unstoppable, like a landslide sermon motion once she has her mind set. She is the friendliest person you will ever meet who truly cares how you are doing when she asks, and has many dimensions to her personality that make her as compatible as a fox. She has a lot of experience in life even at a young age, and is as people smart as Lincoln and could most definitely keep people together in the midst of a civil war. She should be on her own 5$ bill. She will light up your world and have a huge impact on your life. If you find a caitlin don't ever let her go.
Some coworker: I am having a horrible day and no one will lend me money!
Caitlin: ohmygoodness imnso sorry here I will. ( then a distraction occurs purposely) So have been to Saudi Arabia ornindia? I will tell u they have such an impact on ur life...........( and she finds some way to cheer even the noisiest people up:)
by Sherlocktheallobservant June 25, 2013
A girl who smokes lots of weed. She loves to party, and is always known for sleeping around. Boys can't get enough of her.
Dude Caitlin is so rad.
by ilovekittens June 29, 2015
Irish name for pure. Usually a brunette and dark eyes. Always has a beautiful face with a captivating smile and laugh. Has model looks. The nicest girl you'll ever meet but usually shy. When she's not shy she is hilarious and fun to be around. Almost always seen dancing and generally happy. Can be strange but in an amazing way that makes you think.
Caitlin shy but amazing and is always dancing
by afellowgirl November 28, 2011
A beautiful blond-haired bombshell. Bilingual. Kind of loud, but in an endearing way. Funny, smart, social, and a little crazy!
I'm having a great day, I'm feeling totally Caitlin!
by rawwwrrrrr January 10, 2011
Caitlins tend to be blue eyed with auburn hair, they are sarcastic assholes who are actually really kind. they also love cats and tumblr more than life its self. the often have social anxiety and cut themselves or used too, but that is OK, they are still bad-ass. They tend to be into sci-fi and classic rock especially the beatles and doctor who. All Caitlins are married to Matt smith or Chris pine.
Caitlin wants you to shut the fuck up when star trek is on.
by idontcareiloveit July 23, 2013
A very hot girl with a very shocking personality, often a shitt brunnete with a big booty and big tits but she is an object and flaunts her traits for the world to see. Caitlin is a slut, she pretends she wants a relationship but when she's in one she cheats 24/7. No one has respect for caitlin, she often begs for likes on social media and is known to sext often, the dirty girl. Caitlin is a slut.
Bot 1- look at that girl she is deffo a caitlin
Boy 2- nahh i dont think so
Boy 1- yeh!! Youd get some easy pics off that caitlin
by J.pojja April 13, 2015
Usually a girl who likes to change her hair style and has an outgoing personality.

She tries her best to be a good person but people irritate her easily. Other than that she is fun to be around but can be awkward at times.
Caitlin usually likes a man named Alex.
She is awkwardly cute. Usually with a unique smile beautiful eyes and is a "thick" girl. Not usually skinny because skinny is so 90s.
A Caitlin likes to take on challenges and face her problems without anyone standing in the way.

She loves children even though they can be annoying. Other than that she is wonderful
She fights for what she believes in even if she is wrong. She stands up for her friends and doesn't let anyone put harm to the people she cares about.

Caitlins are also a little goofy and acts spazzy without noticing.
She is also a klutz.

Still a fun person.
Man1: "Woah who is that cute klutzy girl??"
Man2: "that would be a Caitlin"
Man1: "Oh man, I'd like one of those!"
by ZombieGal93 November 27, 2013

A medium heighted girl. Who loves to shop and to hang out and have fun. Very energetic. Super shy at first but once you get to meet her then she's really crazy and wild. She's very caring and nice. She always makes a good impression. Shes out going to people she doesn't know (I.e.. people older than her or younger than her). She's very helpful. She usually a Burnett with brown or green eyes. She is the kind of girl that you want as a friend. She isn't mean until you get on her bad side. Which is very hard to, she is calm and a reasoning person. She is passionate about a lot of things. She loves to sing and be active. She is someone you can go to when you need someone to talk to, and not be judged. She acts older than her age but still be child. She loves to talk for hours and hours, but needs the right person. She'll hang out with anybody on any given day. She can be very social on almost any given day but needs her peace and quite once in a while. She is really funny when she's with people she doesn't know her inner shyness comes out. Hates public speaking but can go up to any person and have a conversation. She is always herself no matter what. Every one loves her, she puts others before herself. To herself she doesn't care about, she always has a smile on her face even when she's sad. She is addicted to teen stuff. Loves to be busy, there's never a dull moment in her life. She brings out the best of people and genuinely friendly and nice.
That girl is so Caitlin.
I wish I could be a Caitlin.
by Caitlin Dark November 03, 2013

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