Caitlin is an Irish derived name for happy or joyous and pure. She is fair skinned and lighter haired; she has the hair color everyone tries to die their hair to look like. She is extremely naturally gifted, and when combined with her will to succeed and make something if herself she is unstoppable, like a landslide sermon motion once she has her mind set. She is the friendliest person you will ever meet who truly cares how you are doing when she asks, and has many dimensions to her personality that make her as compatible as a fox. She has a lot of experience in life even at a young age, and is as people smart as Lincoln and could most definitely keep people together in the midst of a civil war. She should be on her own 5$ bill. She will light up your world and have a huge impact on your life. If you find a caitlin don't ever let her go.
Some coworker: I am having a horrible day and no one will lend me money!
Caitlin: ohmygoodness imnso sorry here I will. ( then a distraction occurs purposely) So have been to Saudi Arabia ornindia? I will tell u they have such an impact on ur life...........( and she finds some way to cheer even the noisiest people up:)
by Sherlocktheallobservant June 25, 2013
A girl with usually blue eyes and brown hair who thinks she is the worst but acts like shes the best. she feels hurt and scared and alone. she hides behind her records and her british shows and all of her other fandoms to keep herself from committing suicide. she wears those bracelets to the scars. she is super nice to everyone and gives everyone a chance because she feels no one should feel as bad as her. she might seem ok or at least ok with her cutting but she isnt.
See that caitlin over there? she's a geek.
by catsssssssssssssssuckkkkkkkkkk March 12, 2013
usually an ugly ginger munt with pasty skin, looks good in a tiger suit as it compliments her hair. Caitlin is likely to be entered and win competitions for her extreme grottyness and generally tends to be a bit of a bint.
mirror mirror on the wall, who is the muntiest of them all? Caitlin.
by paisleylover2k11 December 05, 2011
A Highly Annoying Girl; One Who gets On The Nerves Of Everyone Around them
Caitlin: ...Blah Blah Blah Blah
by Carelessfoo! April 26, 2011
Coming from the Irish language meaning pure
Caitlin ain't pure, she's a slut
by A.n.N.o.M.y.S May 17, 2007
An irish name usually meaning pure.

Caitlin has a good fashion sense.
Shes always after everyones men, ( bit of a slag )
shes always got a new boyfriend but unfortunately relationships don't last very long,because she cant stick to one guy.
she always looks pretty even without trying.
Is that guy with caitlin? I though she was going out with a different guy?
Yeah that was last week..
by fillerfud69 January 15, 2011
In Roman mythology, Name of the miscarried daughter of the muse Terpsichore and god Posiedon, she was brought back to life by Hades, god of the underworld to destroy the muses. The demon Caitlin can be easily identified by her bright red hair, lack of a soul, lack of singing ability, and fish-like face. if you find her, never, ever, ever let her sing. the song will eat your soul and make you bleed through the ears. Then you will become a mindless follower, similar to the Manson Family.
NO! Don't go to the choir concert! Caitlin's singing, and she will eat your soul through your ears!
by Dvorak Shfilkins May 03, 2011
Usually people named Caitlin turn out to be a dirty bitch. This has been proven many times!
An example of this is all the Caitlins I know are bitches!
by x0dettgrf April 18, 2011

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