on the streets of Harlem, the largest slut on the corner usually sporting a lovely cow ensemble and can usually be heard saying "i love my mexican!" while spinning around and waving a large burrito.
one time, in the streets of Harlem, when the moon was high in the sky, caitie was mistaken for a cow and animal protection came and tasered her as she screamed, "I need another burrito over here, my ass is starting to shrink!"
by burrito wannabe- eat me lover March 02, 2008
Top Definition
she's made of iron. she carries a strong appearance, yet inside something delicate is contained, longing to get out. she longs to be loved.
that's caitie. too bad you're beautiful.
by Caitie April 07, 2005
the best friend a girl can ask for. is really talented in art. always makes you laugh. she is also very strange. is in love with maester seymour.
my best friend's name is caitie.
by linda March 05, 2005
Caitie is the nickname for the Irish name, Caitlin, meaning pure. She's a girl that is often so amazing that no guy will ever deserve her. Caitie's are usually brunette with gorgeous eyes. She is almost always laughing or smiling and is herself no matter what. She is constantly joking around. A Caitie is extremely different, in a beautiful way.
- "Caitie is so cute and amazing... I wish she was my girlfriend"

- "ummm....I'm your girlfriend?"
by butterfly2013 July 26, 2011
A short female who has tremendous OCD, resulting in fits of rage that promote laughter among every other person in the vicinity.
I hid her Burt's Bee's and Caitie almost had a freakin heartattack.
by Kevin Kelly and Tom from English February 04, 2008
The most amazing girl in the entire universe. She is beautiful, cunning, smart, sexy, a great friend. Someone that you miss every second of every day. The girl you would kill for. She makes your mind race all day long. She is a strong person. The guy that is lucky enough to get Caitie will probably want to marry her
Damn Kanye just called and asked if he wanted to trade his Kim Kardashian for his Caitie.
by Hahadude June 25, 2013
A liar who appears out of nowhere and destroys relationships.
Guy 1: Did you hear about Linda and John?
Guy 2: No what happened?
Guy 1: Some chick basically Home-wrecked them.
Guy 2: Damn, what a Caitie.
by tfisthis March 13, 2015
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