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A hot spot for hipsters. Affectionately called "pergs", "pergos", or "Doctor Millers". Usually inhabited by hippies and trendily dressed kids who ride bikes and are usually seen with a cigarette in hand, along with some form of tea, Italian soda, or coffee. Most of the teen population doesn't go to public school, either is Independent studies, homeschooled, charter school, or just isn't in the system for school. People spend hours sitting in this place feeling cool with their books, laptops, or newspapers, iPods blasting bands like the Blood Brothers, Animal Collective, Neutral Milk Hotel, Sheena, CocoRosie, and Blonde Redhead.
Everyone knows everyone, and everyone else is better than you.
Hey, after the show you want to coffee at Caffe Pergolesi? I hear *insert local band* is playing tonight.
by Emma Macy May 13, 2007
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