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A lad of epic proportions. He NU's on Netbattle so he can use his cherished Sudowoodos and Aipoms. He will frequently challenge OU players such as Haxon or GGfan with his NU team, and mock them if he defeats one of their Pokemon.

Caedus frequently lurks and/or trolls on nub RP boards, such as Shinobi Chronicles and Organization XIV.
Caedus: ggfan, battalar. nao.
Haxon: xd go caedus
Caedus and GGfan are now battling.
GGFan has beaten Caedus.
Caedus: lolololol I killed your pokemon you suck go kill yourself
Haxon: xd
Rixban: xd
by Missingno February 24, 2008