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1. When a girl shaves very badly and it feels like going down on a cactus.

2. When a girl has not shaved in a really long time.
Guy: "Last night Khristina told me she finally shaved... but I was in for a surprise... she had a cactus pussy!"
by anamazin July 26, 2008
17 9
A feminine condition, the results of shaving the pubic area and then not days later.

"Recognizable by the sharp sensations during sex."

-Brian Hunter
"My penis slipped out and... OWWW! I was chaffed by cactus pussy."
by thrwnhunter October 26, 2009
9 4
A masturbation tool crafted by lonely cowboys made by first stripping one section of its spines, then cutting it in half. The person would then dissect the cactus in such a manner that would create a makeshift vagina. And because the inside of the cactus has a wet and plushy texture, it simulates a female genitalia well.
"Golly I been on this trail long, I haven't done the pokey with my girl down in the whorehouse in weeks. Gee I think I 'oughta fashion myself a cactus pussy!
by tpain1234567 February 26, 2011
7 3
when you have a not fully shaved vagina; or just grown in pubic hair
Jared: damn Leah why you gotta have a cactus pussy?
Leah: sorry boo i didnt have time to shave!
by katyperry December 27, 2012
2 0