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Ca Wor Dow is an abbreviated sentence for Cut Words Down, and one I just dropped into a conversation once, when my idiot high school teacher was saying a bunch of abbreviations to me that didn't mean anything.

This saying is to be used to mock others when they are constantly using abbreviations way too much in a sentence. It is best used in mid-conversation, when you can interrupt them with "omg, I ca wor dow too ... " what your really saying, "omg, I cut words down too!" (trick: you need to sound over enthusiastic for them to feel like an idiot).

The conversation normally ends there. Work well done.
Person 1 "Carl, can you please put the AC on, then carry the 1 over to the PC, and SMS me the deets, so I can flick me Mrs a MMS, and carry the 1 over there? Yep if you could do that asap, then I can fax all these abbrevs over to the manny. I cant go out on Sat though, ill be hung for sure, thought I'd let you know bro, but let me know what your down 3 on sun"

Me: "Fuck your dick. Ca Wor Dowing aint that spesh bro! How the fuck do you breath when you say all that?!"
by gypsymadonna January 17, 2013