Rude, hates kids, abusive do not under any circumstances date/marry. You have been warned.
cw "make one up"
by Amy you know December 30, 2011
CW stands for Crack Whore. Crack Whore is a girl who's basically addicted to crack.
-Guy speaking to another guy about a CW: Man, that girl was nice before, but now she's a CW!
by Definitonator July 06, 2010
current wife
I told CW to make me a sammich. I'm not holding my breath.
by zenraider November 17, 2011
Short for "cam whore"; Any person (usually a girl) who gets naked or performs sexual acts on their webcam on a regular basis with minimal or no persuasion by the person or persons observing.
Neil: "Jeff, come get some foods."
Jeff: "Give me five minutes, I am busy with a CW right now."
by jjohns04 February 25, 2008
a credit watcher. One who stays after the movie is over and watches the credits roll. When you block the way of people trying to leave a theatre because you want to watch the credits.
When you block the way of people trying to leave a theatre because you want to watch the credits after the movie has ended
The ushers who clean the theatre and get it ready for the next showing hate cw's because they stop them from doing there job
by TT Bwouy December 31, 2008
Cell Whore- A girl who engages in flirting with other men while currently in a relationship through her cell phone
Dylan: Man that girl is always texting and hitting on other guys when she is dating someone I'm sure Carole wouldn't like to hear about this
Blake: But she isn't actually a whore because she doesn't partake in any sexual acts so I guess she is just a CW
by Mr. Make It Rain on Dem Hoes January 31, 2009
CW is meant for Clan-War. Used in games when two clans will play against each other.
Want to Play CW??
by Lasse Sørensen December 06, 2003
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