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Rude, hates kids, abusive do not under any circumstances date/marry. You have been warned.
cw "make one up"
by Amy you know December 30, 2011
CW is Morse Code, a way to communicate with Dots and Dashes over long distances or with computers by light, wire or radio.
I heard a CW signal on the radio last night.
Did you pass the CW portion of the test?
by Green Curtain September 26, 2007
abbreviation for content warning.
acts similarly to a trigger warning, but for content that is not as graphic or that is mentioned only in passing.
Put a cw at the beginning of that article for passing discussion of sexual assault.
by grebr January 24, 2014
camera whore
lucy- "ugh look on fb Courtney just posted another picture of herself"

jenna-"oh my gosh shes such a cw."
by saallume August 19, 2010
Chat whore

Someone who stalks members of a chat room, tries to cyber with it's usual but unsuspecting members enter the room, tries to imply a sexual real world relationship where none exists or just tries to dominate a chat room conversation.

CW: That was fun last night, Bill.
Bill: What?
CW: You know you want it.
Bill: I do?
Tom: I now pronounce you man and CW.
Bill: STFU Tom!
by urbanqwiktionary February 16, 2011
CW stands for Crack Whore. Crack Whore is a girl who's basically addicted to crack.
-Guy speaking to another guy about a CW: Man, that girl was nice before, but now she's a CW!
by Definitonator July 06, 2010
current wife
I told CW to make me a sammich. I'm not holding my breath.
by zenraider November 17, 2011