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ACW: acute cty withdrawal
Currently, there is no cure. It is the period that can be a couple of days to several years after you leave CTY in which you miss your friends very very much. Symptoms may include hacking cough, the "sniffles," and a horrible cold, as well as randomly thinking of a great memory and breaking down crying. The most noticable of symptoms is the tearing that occurs (even in the toughest of men) whenever one hears any High Holy Canon (Forever Young, Stairway to Heaven, and American Pie), however American Pie has the most noticable effect. Also can induce the sufferer to listen to Canon repeatedly for the following month after CTY, especially all the songs which were not played at the dances. ACW is the reason for the various canon lists on the internet. The most effective treatment is that one either return to cty, create a cty boarding school, or spend lots of time with ctyers.
I'm suffering from CTY withdrawal (also known as ACW)... I feel so sick. I miss you guys!
by Suhayl July 17, 2006

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