An acronym for Crazy Town Roswell, referring to the alien capital of the world, Roswell, New Mexico.
"That dood has been up for 2 weeks straight!"
"No doubt, he's from CTR!"
by notorious n.i.c. July 20, 2005
Top Definition
Acronym for "Choose the Right" used by members of LDS (Mormons).
by Osacar October 15, 2003
Civic Type R - A Civic with the 1.6 liter B16B engine, made from 97-00 and was only available in Japan. The Civic Type R's engine is identical to the Integra Type R but with a shorter stroke. If an Integra Type R crank and rods are swaped into this engine it makes it a 1.8 liter engine with a 12:1 compression ratio which is capable of 200whp. This car also has awesome handling and is just as fast as it's Integra Type R cousin, on the road course, with less power.
The CTR is the badest Civic made.
by Frankie November 06, 2004
civic type r, jdm civic
what just happend that ctr smoked my stang!?!?!?
by picott September 07, 2004
Crash Team Racing, yeah the 'ghetto' playstation game
I am going to play Crash Team Racong.
by Aaron June 03, 2004
Common Twitter hash tag, stands for Continue the Reign.
Created in the 2011-2012 NFL season. Popular among Green Bay Packer fans who tweet often.
The Green Bay Packers are amazing this year. #CTR

Aaron Rodgers is such a #goat #CTR

#Yotto is obsolete b/c there is nothing left to takeover Now we #CTR
by Seenshaw November 07, 2011
CTR - "Caustic Turbo Rabies". A disease not yet recognised by major institutions. Currently being discovered in pioneering research at the University of London (UK).
Another person died of CTR again today.
by Andrew Waite April 02, 2004
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