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Corporate Thug Entertainment; Young Jeezy's group
CTE and USDA are both part of the ATL rap scene
by Young D November 25, 2006
Cease to exist
from this day onward we wil work hard to ensure stupidity wil cte
by K0enus May 17, 2009
Stands for Children of The Earth, which is/was an Italian fan club for Michael Jackson.

On some of the shirts Michael Jackson wore, this acronym is on the epaulets.
I wonder if Oprah asked Michael Jackson what CTE on his shoulders meant when she interviewed him in 1993?
by SledCatcher July 18, 2009
Care to explain
Dude: People at school
Me: cte
Dude: oh, just being out of order
by OMGZLOLFTW November 30, 2009
Can't talk ever.
You may here people say ctn which means can't talk now, but when you really don't want to talk to the person you're talking to ever again just say CTE.
carrie: wassup?
lauren: sorry, cte.
lavinia: hahah
by can'talkevarusernumba1 August 01, 2008
"Can't talk ever" You hear a lot of people use the phrase CTN, but if you really just don't ever want to talk to the person you're talking to again, say "CTE".
carrie: sup?
lauren: sorry, CTE.
lavinia: ahahahah
by cantalkevarusernumba1 August 07, 2008
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