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Call To Action. In Advertising it refers to the portion of the message that gets a reader to act on the advertisement
A Call to Action (CTA) would be: Buy now, Click here, etc.
by Smak13 April 05, 2011
5 1
Chicago Transit Authority

public transportation in chicago
P1: the cta can take you anywhere in chicago
by dict12 January 01, 2008
59 10
An abbreviation for the "Colon Three Army" A paramilitary group of bipolar teenagers, who occupy the Park Lane area of Sunderland. Nearly in all cases own a Tumblr account and claim to be bisexual and 90% of their solid food intake (Not including cum) is subway. Several lieutenants in the CTA can be found in your local subway or even Valentinos take out.
"Nigga 1 - Hey, I heard you got raped lastnight!"
"Nigga 2 - Yeah it was the fucking CTA Again!"

"Nigga 1 - Hey, Can i be in the CTA"
"Nigga 2 - Sure, You have to be raped by Callum Cutter since he's the head fag of CTA"
by Hodgy "Tyler okonma" Beats July 19, 2012
23 2
Calf-Thigh-Ass. Used to define the leg structure of a human.

Term was first brought up by Jacksfilms in the "Olympics: Inappropriate Commentary" video.
Damn, that gymnast has one helluva well-toned CTA!
by Mac East October 21, 2009
23 9
constant tongue action (blowjob)
Oh yeah! best cta ever!
by GMcW November 02, 2010
7 7

Cock Taking Ass
This girl last night had a CTA
by saymos34 June 08, 2013
1 3