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The CRTC is a Canadian Government Organization that makes laws about the internet without understanding it. They also have an irrational fear of Canadians being allowed to watch the real HBO.
Hey, I thought you said your internet was fast? Ya, during the hours of 0300-0400, feel that speed! That's the CRTC for ya.
by Bob-Moron January 26, 2009
A governing body in Canada that is supposed to regulate the telecommunication and broadcasting sector of the country, including TV, Internet, and phone (landline and mobile).

Unfortunately, by approving everything that reinforces the stronghold three company oligopoly (Bell, Telus, Rogers), and blocking off as much outside competition (domestic and international) as possible by means of many anti competitive policies that fall under protectionism, the CRTC's effort of protecting the rights of the consumers has proved to be lacking.
CRTC: Making Canada an anticompetitive technological ghetto since 1976.
by canadian screwed by the crtc October 28, 2010
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