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"Close Personal Friend"

Used as a joke; normally used to apply to celebrities.
Random girl meets Orlando Bloom.

Next day:

Random girl: OMG I met Orlando Bloom yesters!
Random girl's jealous friend: OMG!
Random girl: Yah we're totally like cpf now.
by spaceout September 08, 2007
Every person has a CPF (Cost Per Fuck). A person's CPF is equivalent to the total amount of money you've spent or must spend on them in order to have sex with them. A respectable person has a CPF somwhere around $100. You may include $8 per hour for time spent as well as 40 cents per mile for any driving expenses incurred.
"Do you think I'm a slut?" - Random Hook Up
"Umm... no of course not. I mean, I swipped my card for you at the Caf a couple times and paid that cab home from the bar. Your CPF is almost $50. It's nothing to write home about but I can assure you I've done worse." - Loul
by Loul December 11, 2006
Chronic Pussy Farts.
When you fart out your vagina alot.
That bitch always stinks, she must have a severe case of CPF!
by Andrew Burkett August 29, 2004