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The slogan to the football team 'The Dragons'.

Along the same lines as COYS 'come on you spurs' and COYI 'come on you irons'

This means 'come on you dragons'

It is made more famous for its use on Twitter.
Are the Dragons going to win today? #COYD
by Dragonboy1 November 15, 2011
24 8
Come On You Dons! Referring to the football club, AFC Wimbledon
'AFC Wimbledon have just won the cup' COYD!
by MintAFCW October 22, 2011
17 9
"Chop Off Your Dick"
Mostly used in Instant Messaging.
HotGuy847: Hey, wanna have cyber sex?
SexyBabe634: Go COYD, asshole!!!
by LouDog April 06, 2004
10 13