Another word for cool, as commonly shown in the popular phrase "Hella tight" or hella ____", using the noun "helicopter" to become "Hella Copter!", then simply "Copter".
Zach: Hey, did you see my friend's band Future Nature's show last night? It was frickin sick!
Aaron: Yeah, I totally agree with you, it was hella Copter, man!
by aarock September 08, 2008
An Act of sexual intercourse where the guy is flat on the ground. the girl deep throats the guys cock and does a hand stand over it. the guy moves his hips until he cums, thus the girl will start to turn and flail her legs so it looks like she is the blades of a helicopter.
Michelle was feeling kinky last night, so made her do the Copter. She swallowed my entire load!
by JBox January 24, 2008
The word version of a wild card, can be used for any meaning really...but its cool
Often used by indie kids and hipsters
"Hey copter whaddddup"

"Dude pass me this is the worst fucking copter i cant belive i paid $20 for this shit"

"God becky was being such a copter WHADABITCH"
by mysteriouschicaa December 08, 2008
COPTER is an acronym that stands for: 'Cause Of People That Eat Rice
Some Guy: Where did spaghetti come from?

Answering Guy: COPTER we have spaghetti because Columbus brought noodles to Italy.

by Canadian#1, Karate Kid November 20, 2008

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