An Act of sexual intercourse where the guy is flat on the ground. the girl deep throats the guys cock and does a hand stand over it. the guy moves his hips until he cums, thus the girl will start to turn and flail her legs so it looks like she is the blades of a helicopter.
Michelle was feeling kinky last night, so made her do the Copter. She swallowed my entire load!
by JBox January 24, 2008
Top Definition
n: a psychedelic posse

v: getting rageface'd out of your gourd by aforementioned posse
" I flew into Colorado for Dicks last weekend, and those fucking copters copter'd the everlovin' shit outta me. I thought I was fine until the unicorns... alllll the unicorns....."
by shankker May 08, 2013
(adj.) word used to describe an object or objects which are considered "very cool" or wicked sick. Often used in conjunction with the west coast slang hella.
That party was hella copter, we're definitely gonna crash more wedding receptions.
by fatti di canapa March 27, 2010
to be laughing at someone, similar use as and originates from roflcopter
copter at you all, youre so funny
by hardcore_alleigh April 26, 2006
When a girl (particularly a babe) takes your cock uses one hand to spin clockwise and the other to spin counterclockwise. When applied with force it has the same effect as an Indian Rug Burn.
That chick coptered me until I got a 3rd degree burn!
by Grizzly Adams Jr. May 27, 2010
It's when you've cupped a fart and have presented it to someone's nose and mouth.
That was one wretched copter. That copter smelled like eggs and limburger. Copter me again and the next time we're in the car I will child lock the doors and suffocate you with my flatulence.
by Barry Shurchin November 25, 2013
A mountain term for someone who gets hurt so badly they are flown off in a helicopter.
Bangers and flyers. Stompers and Copters
by B-Daps April 09, 2006
Adaptation of the word penis copter
Dude! The Lakers just lost!

by Pseudonymzizzzl May 08, 2011

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