skeevey stoner fuck
com is a skeevey stoner fuck
by Yata July 30, 2003
Top Definition
Crusty Old Man Syndrome.
Full body dandruff, flakey skin
Crikey that Smokey has got Coms all over the office chair.
by Dodgybloke January 20, 2009
" Convicts only material" - A girl so ugly only a black toed up convict would give her a fuck. No self respecting man would look at her twice. Only fast food workers and convincts who haven't gotten ass in 12 years.
With a used up pussy, no baby's daddy's and no looks or job she found the only people interested were losers and she was a c.o.m.
by bbvs January 18, 2009
Check Out My Status
a term that is used throughout most social networking sites
like facebook, myspace etc.
used to tell ur friends to check your status
"hey COMS"
by >kiki< October 21, 2009
Creepy Old Man Syndrome
Look at that old guy in the corner.. total coms.
by CaminDFW April 18, 2006
Interior Designer lingo for Customer's Own Material.
What is the ship to address for your COM?
by 80808080 June 22, 2010
Center Of Mass
Police are trained to shoot COM
by SnakeHayter November 16, 2006
Creepy Old Man or Men
Older Brother: Don't talk to that COM
by Julie&&Alex. September 07, 2008
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